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eCard Features and Pricing

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Last Updated: 06.06.2024. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Early Bird Pricing for our Holiday eCards is generally available starting the end of August when the new collection is released. Join our email list to get notified when promotions are available.

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All prices below are in USD and are subject to change without notice.

Semi Custom Corporate Animated Holiday eCard Videos


Animated eCard Videos Animated .Gifs Static eCards (Non-animated)
 Base Fees
$1,000 $650 $350
Temporary Hosting (11 months)
(See chart below) eCard embedded in eMail. We can set up an HTML holding page if a browser version is needed. eCard embedded in eMail. We can set up an HTML holding page if a browser version is needed.
 Up to 1,000 recipients   Included in Base Fees  N/A  N/A 
 Up to 2,500 recipients   add $250 N/A  N/A 
Up to 5,000 recipients
add $500 N/A N/A
Up to 7,500 recipients

add $750 N/A
Up to 10,000 recipients

add $1000 N/A
Up to 12,500 recipients

add $1250 N/A
Up to 15,000 recipients

add $1,500 N/A
Up to 17,500 recipients 
add $1,750  N/A  N/A
Up to 20K recipients
add $2,000  N/A  N/A
20K + recipients
Contact Us for a Quote  N/A  N/A
Client Host
Optional - Client May Host All Final eCard Files - HTML holding page & .MP4 video to upload to an alternate player or site. (No additional charge)  Included  Included
 Your Company Logo/Branding
Included  Included Included
 Your Message/Wording
Included Included  Included
 Music Choice
Included N/A  N/A 
 Clickable Thumbnail for eMail   Included eCard embeds in eMail eCard embeds in eMail
 HTML Holding Page    Included  Can provide if needed  Can provide if needed
 Link to your website     Included Included Included
 Social Network Links     Optional (no charge)  N/A N/A
 Animated Envelope Intro with Your Logo     Optional (no charge)  N/A N/A
 eMail Delivery Service     Optional (See fees below)  Optional (See fees below)  Optional (See fees below)
 Rounds of Revisions   Up to 2 Rounds (Additonal rounds may require a fee)  Up to 2 Rounds (Additonal rounds may require a fee)  Up to 2 Rounds (Additonal rounds may require a fee)
 Add-On Options   Animated eCard Video   Animated .Gif  Static Image
 Music Choice    Optional (Same music or choose new song) N/A  N/A
 Animated Envelope Intro   Optional (No additional fee) N/A N/A 
 Digitized Signatures
(Bulk discounts may be available)
  $25 per signature $25 per signature $25 per signature
Clickable Image for eMail  
Static jpg & link (Default - no charge)

Animated .gif image (add $250)
 Animated .gif image  Static jpg image
 Change Photos   $500
flat fee
flat fee

flat fee

 Add Page/Scene   $250 per scene $175 per scene N/A
 eMail Delivery Service
(Contact Us if additional senders/lists are needed or more than 10K recipients for discount pricing)
  $350 set up fee + $.10 per recipient
(1 list/ sender to up to 10K recipients - Contact us if more than 10K recipients are needed for discounted rates)
$350 set up fee + $.10 per recipient
(1 list/ sender to up to 10K recipients - discounted rates if more than 10K recipients needed)
 $350 set up fee + $.10 per recipient
(1 list/ sender to up to 10K recipients - discounted rates if more than 10K recipients needed)
 Additional Versions    $500 (Same SKU & Target Language) / $750 (Same SKU & Alt. Target Language)
 $250 (Same SKU & Target Language) / $350 (Same SKU & Alt. Target Language)
$150 (Same SKU & Target Language) / $250 (Same SKU & Alt. Target Language)
EXP - Expedited Service [Subject to Availability: Expedited Service may not be available if Holiday Production Schedule is full]    $500
eCard delivered within 3-5 business days
eCard delivered within 3-5 business days
eCard delivered within 3-5 business days
 Print Ready Version (Digital files ready for Print with your preferred Vendor)   Contact Us  Contact Us Contact Us
    Animated eCard Videos  Animated .Gifs  Non-Animated/Static eCards or Illustrations
 Fully Custom Projects   Request A Quote Request A Quote
Request A Quote

Texas Resident Sales Taxes: Clients who reside in Texas will be charged sales tax at 8.25% during checkout.All prices subject to change without notice. 

View Our Corporate Holiday eCards >>

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Your choice of music from our Music Library (For Animated e-Card Videos)
Replace current song in selected eCard with another song from our music library or we can remove the music completely if desired.  
View our music library
  No additional charge
View Music Library
Add Basic Animated Envelope Intro (For Animated e-Card Videos)
If you would prefer that your animated e-card open up out of an envelope, we can add an envelope opening animation to the beginning of the e-card of your choice for no additional charge. Select the option to include basic envelope intro when you place your order if you would like to include the animated envelope. Includes your logo on a white envelope. Logo can be placed on the flap or on the base of the envelope. A custom envelope can also be created for an additional fee upon request.
  No additional charge (Optional Add-On for eCard Videos)  
View example

Digital Signatures
Please provide your signatures written in a thick black ink pen or marker on a white piece of paper or background in .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd or .eps format. We will convert the signatures to a digital format and modify the color of the signatures as needed to display properly within the eCard. If you have a preference for placement/order of the signatures, please provide instructions in the comment box when ordering.
per signature 

View eCard Sample with Digitized Signatures
View example

Clickable Image Thumbnail Type for eMail (Animated Video Format Option for eMail Image) 

WebbyCards will supply Client with one of the following image options once the final e-card video is approved by Client to be embedded in e-mail for distribution:

Static jpg & hyperlink (Included - Default - no charge)
Click here for example image WebbyCards will supply once final e-card video is approved

Link only (option - no charge)

Animated .gif image (Option - Add $250 fee) Choose up to 6 seconds from Client's final e-card video to be used as a short animated .gif image to embed in Client's email
Click here to view animated .gif example image for email >>
  No charge for clickable static image or link

 $250 for animated .gif format

Change Photo/s 
Replace existing photos in eCard with new Client Supplied images or stock. This option is available for any of our eCards which currently include photos in them. If you would like to replace the current photos used in the e-card with new photos, please select this option. Client to provide new images in .jpg format. Price is based on replacing the same number of photos that are currently in the e-card template with new photos. If additional photos within the e-card need to be added or removed please contact us with any questions and to confirm the cost. 
  $500 Flat Fee Animated  eCard Videos /

$175 Flat Fee for Animated Gifs

$50 Flat Fee for non-animated eCards / Static 

Client Provided Photos for base eCard Template

View example

Add Additional Page/Scenes to Animated eCard (For Animated e-Card Videos)
If you need an additional page/scene added to the animated e-card we can add a new page to the e-card at the opening, middle or at the end. If you need a clickable link within the animated e-card we can include a clickable page at the end of the e-card animation to link to 1 designated url. Contact us for more information.
  $250 per additional pg/scene (Animated eCard Videos)

$175 per additional pg/scene (Animated Gif eCards)
 Add pages or scenes to e-card

View example


eCard/eMail Distribution Service (One Time / One Event Type)
Distribution fee includes cleaning up the e-mail distribution list using Neverbounce to remove any invalid e-mails (If you have not cleaned your email list), formatting and importing of valid email recipients to our system, HTML e-mail template, access to e-mail tracking info (emails sent and read) and distribution on the Client's designated delivery date once the eCard has been approved. Base Distribution Set-up fee is based on 1 master list / 1 sender. If additional lists or alternate senders are needed, please contact us for a quote as we do offer discounted pricing for multiple lists/senders or large quantities. Note: We do not share any of our client's e-mail lists or addresses with anyone.
  $350 Set-up + $.10 per eMail recipient (1 list / 1 sender) (If you have more than 10K recipients or need additional list/senders, please Contact Us for discounted pricing)

eCard Distribution Service Example HTML eMail Template

View example

Custom Color Changes / Advanced Customization
Contact us if any major color changes are needed to any of the current graphics, background, or font colors. We can modify the e-cards to match your company branding or preferred color scheme. If any font changes are needed we can make any font changes or color changes to any of the current wording. Structure modifications and/or pacing adjustments can also be made to the e-Card. Most of the e-cards are very flexible on how they can be customized to match your company branding requirements. Basic color changes may be made to most cards without any additional charge. Any major color changes may require an additional customization fee. Contact Us with your requirements or with any questions. 
  Contact Us  Company Branded Holiday Cards

Additional Versions of eCard

  1. Same eCard Design in Same Target Language (English)
  2. May include alternate message, different logo, or include alternate signatures. Ideal for customers who need to send the eCards from different departments, internal and external distribution versions or from an alternate sender.  [Note: Price is for same photos in all additional versions. If photo changes are needed in multiple versions, please adjust the QTY box for 'Change Photos' option accordingly when ordering]

  3. Same eCard Design with New Target Language Needed (Other than English)
    Additional versions in new target languages (i.e. Spanish, French, Chinese, etc) are available for an additional fee. Client to supply all translated copy.
  Animated eCard Video Types:
$500 - $750 for each additional version

Animated Gif eCards:
$250-$350 each additional version

Static eCard Types:
$150 - $250 each for each additional version

Example links:
Version 1 >>
Version 2 >>

Automatic eCard Sender Service for Recurring Events  -  i.e. Corporate Birthdays, Anniversaries & More
Our system can send professionally designed eCards automatically to your employees, customers, colleagues or friends to show your appreciation on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other key dates. We can customize any of our existing animated or non-animated e-cards or can create a fully custom e-card based on your specifications.
View Our Corporate Birthday eCards >>
  View Pricing & Options

Learn more


[When schedule is full during the Holiday Season the Expedite Option may not be available or Pricing revised based on schedule and timing]
For Quicker Turnaround Service Required within 3-5 business days for semi-custom holiday greeting card Video, 3 to 5 business days for Animated Gif. and 3 to 5 days for Static/Non-animated Holiday e-card orders. 

  Starts at +$150 for Non-Animated e-Card 

+$200 for Animated .Gif eCard Orders

+$500 for  Animated e-Card Videos 
Client Branded eCard Sending System
Ideal for clients who have a smaller distribution list or would like to provide employees or reps with access to a personalized e-card sending portal to easily share your customized e-card with up to 10 recipients at a time. We will create a company branded e-card sending portal including a login page (1 unique username and password provided) and client branded eCard sending page to allow those you provide access to the portal to send the e-card with a personal message included in the body of the e-mail with a thumbnail image of the e-card and link to view the e-card in the user's default browser. Contact us for login access to view the demo or if you have any questions.

Example Screenshot of the e-Card sending portal page below:
eCard Sending System eMail Send Page


  Request a Quote  eCard Sending System



WebbyCards can create fully custom e-cards in any preferred style for any occasion including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Corporate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Event Invitations and more.

We can create animated .gifs, custom eCards, Videos, custom illustration, 2d and 3d animation, multimedia presentations, motion graphics, games, apps and more. If you already have a storyboard or design, we can help bring your project to life with animation, sounds, music and/or narration.  Contact us with your project requirements and we can provide you with an estimate for your next project. 


Additional customization options are available upon request:

Alternate Language Versions, Alternate eCard File/Player formats, eCard Design for Printed Cards, More Advanced Customization & Rebranding, and more. Most of our semi-custom eCards are very flexible in how they can be modified to fit the client's preferences and needs. Contact us with any questions.

Don't need an animated eCard?
Non-Animated (Static) eCards for eMail are available

View our current Non-Animated Corporate Holiday eCards in our catalog here >>. We can create a non-animated eCard version from any of the base eCard designs from our catalog with Client's message, logo and any other customization needed. If you prefer a fully custom designed non-animated eCard for your e-mail, please Contact Us with your project requirements for an estimate. 


Holiday Rush Fees may be automatically applied to all "Semi-Custom" Holiday eCard orders placed in December depending on the current production schedule and capacity. Our production schedule for Holiday eCards fills up fast as we have limited production capacity during the busy Holiday Season months (October-December). We do all of the customization of our e-cards manually to provide the highest level of customization flexibility and highest quality digital card for our clients. 

Payment Options:  
All major credit cards are accepted through our website for our Semi-Custom eCard orders from our catalog (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX), PayPal or provide a Purchase Order # if an electronic check, paper check or wire transfer is the preferred method of payment and we will send you an invoice by eMail from our Quickbooks account. International Customers who would like to pay by credit card must choose the 'Check out with PayPal' option or provide a purchase order # if an alternate method of payment is preferred. Contact Us with any questions. 

Texas State Sales Tax of 8.25% will be applied automatically to all orders from clients who are located in Texas.