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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order and submit payment?
There are several options for placing an order and making payment.   You may browse our eCard Catalog, select an ecard, choose your customization options and add-on services, add it to your cart, checkout and submit payment securely via credit card or Purchase Order #. International customers who prefer to pay with a credit card must select the "Check out with PayPal" option to pay with a credit card through our website.   For clients who prefer to pay by check or wire transfer there is an option to provide a Purchase Order # on the checkout page for Payment Method. We will send an invoice by e-mail once the project is approved. For Custom eCards, please fill out our Request for Quote form with your project details and we'll review, contact you with any questions and formulate a quote for your project. If you have any questions or need additional assistance placing your order please call us toll free at 1-877-529-7786.

What is the difference in a semi-custom eCard and a fully customized eCard?
Semi-custom cards are pre-designed eCard templates which can be customized with your logo, your message, preferred music and your photos (optional add-on). Custom eCards are designed and developed from "concept" where a storyboard is provided for you to review and approve prior to the development of the eCard. WebbyCards can provide suggestions for the concept/storyline or the Client can provide their own concept/storyline for the eCard. We can also animate a Client's own design upon request. Please complete our Request a Quote form with your project details for an estimate.

How long should it take once my eCard order is placed to receive/expect the eCard completed?
Depending on the time of year and the type of e-Card you order (i.e. Semi-Custom vs Fully Custom), delivery typically ranges from 1-4 weeks for Semi-Custom eCards and 4-12 weeks for fully Custom eCards. The holidays are our busiest time of year and our development resources work on projects based on when the order is placed. We will accept orders for our Holiday eCards until we have reached full production capacity. To ensure a place on our production schedule during the busy Holiday Season we recommend placing your order early with us (i.e. by October or early November at the latest). If you need a fully custom eCard, we recommend placing your order no later than early October. We only accept a limited number of fully custom eCards each holiday season.

How do I share my assets once I have placed my order for the eCard?
After you place your order with us, a WebbyCards representative will review your order and get in contact with you with instructions for how to easily share your assets with us (i.e. company logo, preferred message, photos, e-mail list - if WebbyCards distributes the e-mails, etc.). We will also confirm the project details and requirements to ensure that we have everything we need to place your project on our production schedule.

Am I am able to host the animated e-Card on my own website?
Yes, if a Client prefers to host the eCard on their own website (web server) we can provide the final HTML holding page for the client to host the eCard on their own server and/or the final mp4 video file for hosting. In order to use the same mobile friendly HTML5 Video player which is currently being used in the Semi-Custom eCard catalog (Compatible on most PC and mobile devices), the eCard video itself would remain hosted with our professional video hosting provider and embedded as an iframe within the HTML holding page. So clients can host the HTML holding page on their own server if they prefer the URL to include their domain name. Contact Us before placing your order to verify requirements and receive a test page to upload to your own server to make sure the eCard displays properly. Other player options and file formats are available upon request for clients to host on their own YouTube channel, Vimeo Channel, Facebook Page, etc.

I have a design already created and would like to add animation to it, can you help?
We do work with designers and advertising firms often to bring their designs to life with animation and music (optional). Contact Us with your specifications and we can provide you with an estimate to handle the animation for your eCard. It is always easier to provide the estimate after we see the design along with an outline of customization and animation preferences desired.

If I only need a non-animated eCard for my e-mail is this something you can create?
We can create a non-animated eCard version from any of the base eCard designs from our online catalog with the Client's message, logo and any other customization needed. If you prefer a fully custom designed non-animated eCard for your e-mail, please Contact Us with your project requirements for an estimate. For clients who order an animated e-Card from us, we provide a static non-animated version of the eCard for our client's to embed in their email and distribute through their preferred e-mail system. Typically the static image for their email is either the opening or closing scene of the e-card or an image of an envelope with their message and logo with a hyperlink applied to the image to open the animated eCard in a new browser window.

What are my payment options?
For Semi-Custom Animated eCard orders through our website, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover), PayPal or provide a Purchas Order # on the checkout page if payment by check or bank transfer is preferred. International customers who prefer to pay with a credit card will need to select the "Check out with PayPal" option for the payment method. You do not have to have a PayPal account to 'Check out with PayPal', it will prompt you for your payment and billing information to remit payment securely by credit card. For all Custom e-Card orders, we will send an invoice for the project from our Quickbooks account by e-mail. There will be an option to pay securely with a credit card or you can remit payment by eCheck, mailed check or bank transfer. Custom projects require a 50% project initation fee due upon proposal acceptance and the remaining balance will be invoiced upon project completion. Customers will have 30 days to remit payment without penalty.

Will the e-cards play on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc?
Yes, the animated e-Cards will be displayed with a hosted HTML5 video player which has an auto-detection to display the appropriate version based on the device and browser the eCard is being viewed on. If the viewer is watching the eCard on an older browser that does not support HTML5 the player will automatically display the flash player version. The animated eCards will play on any devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices as long as the user is not viewing the ecard in a highly restricted firewall environment which blocks video content. YouTube and Vimeo can be blocked by offices, schools, etc because the videos hosted on those platforms includes "entertainment" content. Our video hosting provider is focused on videos for business and marketing, and because of this, the video player we use is rarely blacklisted, but we have no control over the user's firewall environment.

Can I send the eCards/eMails myself?
When placing an order for a Semi-Custom Animated e-Card through our website, by default the Client will handle the distribution of the e-Cards using whatever e-mail system preferred or currently used. Upon request, WebbyCards can handle the e-mail/e-card distribution for clients who may not have a system to send the html formatted e-mails easily for an additional distribution fee of $350 (includes 1 list, 1 designated sender, HTML email template and up to 10K recipients. If additional lists or senders are needed please Contact Us with your requirements for a quote.). If the Client chooses to deliver the e-cards/e-mails, we will provide the client with a clickable image of the eCard (typically opening or closing scene of the eCard with a faded play button overlaid) for their email along with the URL to include as the hyperlink with the image to open the animated version in the user's default browser.

Yes, we can provide our clients with the animated eCard in a .mp4 video format to post directly on your Facebook page or upload to your YouTube channel. To post the eCard on your LinkedIn profile you will need to upload the eCard .mp4 file to your own Vimeo or YouTube channel, and paste the link to the video directly on your LinkedIn profile.

Yes, we accept payments by check, e-check or bank transfer if clients do not prefer to pay by credit card. We request that customers provide a Purchase Order when placing an order with us if payment by check or wire transfer is preferred so that we have a guarantee of payment for the project once the e-Card is finalized and approved. If customers are unable to provide a Purchase Order for any reason, please Contact Us to discuss payment options and terms.

If WebbyCards handles the email distribution, we import the client's email list from an .xls spreadsheet into our e-mail distribution system hosted on our server. WebbyCards will create the html formatted e-mail template with the client's eCard image, link to the eCard to open in the user's browser, personalized message from the client, client's logo and preferred contact information. In order for us to distribute the emails using the Client's email address or domain, we would the Client to add SPF, TXT and DKIM records to your domain name DNS server so that we can send the e-mails using your domain. We cannot guarantee that every e-mail will reach the recipients inbox as there are many variables involved which are out of our control, but we follow the suggested guidelines to help the emails avoid SPAM filters. Login access will be provided to view emails sent, emails read and # of clicks on tracked links within the email. WebbyCards will send a test email to the client for testing and approval and distribute the e-mails on the client's designated Target Delivery Date. Contact Us with any questions.

Can the colors in the eCard be adjusted to match our company colors?
Yes, most of the e-Cards in our online catalog can be customized to compliment a company's color scheme by changing the color of the background, fonts and other graphical elements used within the eCard. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Can you create Printed Greeting Cards that match the design of the Electronic Card?
We do not personally print any Cards but we can create a Print Ready Image of the eCard for our Client's to provide to their printer of choice with the same design/concept as the selected electronic version upon request for an additional fee. We will create a Print ready file in the client's designated size and file format needed which can be sent to a printer service to handle the printing of the cards. Contact Us for more info.

If I need the eCard in languages other than English, can you create the additional versions?
Yes, we can create multiple versions of the eCard in alternate languages such as French, Chinese, Spanish, German, etc for an additional fee per language needed. We request that clients provide the approved language translations for each additional version needed. The cost for the additional language versions will depend on the eCard selected, amount of text included in the e-card along with any other customization needed if varied from the base ecard. Contact Us for more info.

If the client is handling the e-mail distribution, can more than 1 person send the eCards?
Yes, this is not a problem. If the client handles the e-mail distribution the client can send the e-cards out from as many people as needed using whatever e-mail delivery system the client prefers. To estimate the amount of bandwidth expected from viewers of the e-card, please select the amount of anticipated recipients of the e-Cards as close to the expected amount as possible. The number of expected recipients does not have to be exact, we just need a rough estimate to anticipate bandwidth/# of viewers expected. If you anticipate that more than 10,000 recipients will be expected, please Contact Us with your project requirements to Request a Quote.

If the e-mails sent out exceed the initial expected # of recipients designated when the order was placed, will the eCard still be active?
Yes, the eCard will still be available and play if the client ends up needing to distribute to more recipients than initially expected when the order was placed. The expected number of recipients helps determine bandwidth needed and video hosting charges incurred to utilize the current mobile friendly HTML5 video player to display the animated eCards. The animated Holiday e-Cards will remain active until October 1 of the following year (minimum of 10 months temporary hosting included in the base fee). When the temporary hosting license expires, clients can renew their eCard license if they would like to continue to have access to their e-Card for an additional year. Contact Us for more info.

The base fee includes hosting and customization for up to 500 estimated recipients, if you anticipate more recipients would be needed, then select the approximate number of recipients on the configuration page (select options/place order) under "eCard Hosting Included > Select estimated # of recipients”. We are using a hosted HTML5 video player which is mobile friendly to play on the majority of PC and mobile devices, but we are charged hosting fees based on the amount of bandwidth used; therefore, there are different price levels based on about how many people will be receiving the eCards to determine the base customization fee. There are additional services and add-on options available on the configuration page. The total eCard Price as Customized will appear at the bottom of the page in the blue bar area with the Add to Cart button when you are ready to place your order with us.

Digital signatures are actual handwritten signatures converted to a digital format to display within the e-card. The signatures should be written on a blank white piece of paper in a thick black pen or black marker and saved as a PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG or .EPS file. We will take the signature, remove the background, adjust the color and size if needed and place into the animated eCard. We can include 1 or multiple signatures within the e-Card. Digital signatures are $25 per signature needed.

The animated eCards cannot display and play directly within the eMail itself. The only type of animated file that can currently play within an eMail is an animated .gif file which are very limited on the type of animation, type of special effects, length of animation, amount of scenes and graphics and will not play properly in all email clients, i.e. some versions of Outlook will only display the first scene of the animated .gif. For clients who will distribute the eCards themselves, we will provide a clickable image to embed in the client's email along with the URL to include as a hyperlink to open the animated version of the eCard to play in the user's default browser which clicked. The static image of the eCard for the client's email is typically the opening or closing scene of the eCard with a faded play button overlaid. HTML5 eCards, Flash eCards or any other video file formats cannot be embedded directly within e-mails themselves and must play in a browser using the designated player.

1 - Save the image (static version of the card) to your computer. 2 - Create a new email. 3 - Place your cursor in the body of the e-mail. 4 - Go to Insert > Picture (top menu bar). 5 - Locate the image on your computer, select it and Click Insert. 6 - The image should appear in the body of your email now. 7 - Right click on the image (or cntrl click if on MAC. 8 - Select Hyperlink from the pop-up menu. 9 - Copy and paste or type the URL we provided for the animated e-card under the "Address" field. 10 - Select 'Target Frame' > 'New Window' to open the eCard in a new browser window and Click Ok.
The eCard image should now display in the body of your eMail with the hyperlink attached. Send yourself a test email to make sure that the image and link are set up properly. The hyperlink will not work until you send the e-mail, but please send yourself a test email first to make sure the link is working properly. Contact us at 1-877-529-7786 if you need assistance.

Yes, on the options menu when you configure your e-card you may choose to remove the music completely, change the music with another song from our music library or provide us with a new .mp3 song to use in your e-card. You can view our current music library here >> for royalty free music options.